Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Farewell Yankee Stadium

It was always a dream of Charley's to attend Yankee stadium before they closed it down. With this being the last year it would be open he made it a point that he would attend a game. Time seemed to slip away with Jack arriving and before we knew it there was only 1 weekend left to make it to a game. I could see the disappointment in Charley's eyes when he knew he would not be able to attend. So little did he know, I was determined to make it happen. He was sure that tickets would be thousands of dollars, but I thought I would take a look for myself. So I went online to stubhub and decided to bid on a set of tickets. The anticipation was crazy as each day passed and I was still the top bidder. I just knew that someone would come in at the last minute and outbid me. As it came down to the last minute I prayed I would win.....and I did! Timing was perfect as the next day was our anniversary. Charley and I have a problem though with being too excited when it comes to gift giving and we always end up giving them to each other early. So the night before our anniversary at 11:00 while we were in bed I asked him if he wanted his card. He looked at me strangely, but like always didn't turn down the offer to receive something early. When he opened the card and saw the picture of Yankee Stadium he was confused and just stared at me. To sum it up, I think I got the best gift when I saw how excited he was. That Saturday he went to see the 2nd to last game played at Yankee Stadium. They played the Orioles! How perfect. I told Charley they couldn't close the stadium without the best short stop in the world seeing a game. He had a great time with my dad and created a memory that will last forever. I was so happy for him.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Redskins Win

Jack experienced his first official Redskin win this past Sunday. Although he slept through most of the game, I can see he has an instant love for his team. I think he's just following his Dads lead with the whole sleeping thing. We can only hope they keep up the pace so we have a happy house this season. Go Skins!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Whole New World

As many of you know, our life was blessed on July 14, 2008 when our little man Jack Messick was born. Since then our world has been turned upside down. So much joy and so little sleep! He's 10 weeks old today and already amazing us with the things he's learning to do. He can now smile back at you and had his first giggle yesterday when GiGi made him laugh. He's grasping his rattle and can lift his head moving it from side to side when he's on his tummy.

We are enjoying life in Calvert County after the big move from Reston, VA. We miss our home, but are glad to be close to family. We are up in the air on where we will end up permanently and are just trying to enjoy each day as it comes. I am still at home with Jack and poor Charley makes the commute to his office in VA everyday to continue his business as a financial advisor. Although this economy is in a slump his business is thriving and we are so proud of him. Please keep an eye out for new updates. My hands are full with a new baby, but I will try to update as often as possible.